Route Optimization and Automated Job Allocation Solution

Route Optimization

Plan your Routes automatically and on the fly ! Save on time, money and improve your customer satisfaction. Supports simple route planning, time window, capacity, priority based constraints to suit your scenarios.

Supports multiple distance types like earth distance or integrate with other providers like OSRM (comes in built)

Automated & Intelligent Job Allocation

Intelligently and Automatically allocate field jobs spread across geographically taking User skills and capability, Site Availability, Time window. Improve first time fix rate for services, meet SLA consistently and exceed customer satisfaction

How it Works

  1. Prepare your unplanned route /job schedule in a csv file
  2. Upload master of vehicles/engineers with their capacities/skills
  3. Upload the Job/delivery items to plannr, indicate availability of the vehicle or engi
  4. Update customer preferred time to the plan, priority and capacity (can be calculated from a master also)
  5. Update customer lat long if not available by selecting from the map
  6. Update the model by modifying
    • start/end time (horizon) , time window for promising the service
    • Location of the depo/start location
    • Service times/holding times (How long vehicle or engineer needs to be there at the site)
    • Add optimization type, select time to run
  7. Run Optimize and wait for results
  8. Review the output, check the summary of the results, review the allocation in table, map and calendar views
  9. If satisfied, download the planned schedule and use it (send email, upload to internal CRM, upload to Cloudtrac)

Intuitive and Easy to Use

User friendly interface to upload your and modify your plan. Simple interface to model your plan, optimize and view not just results but summary across the constraints. Change the model parameters, check the results and see how optimization is progressing. Choose the right model and use it in production

Use it stand alone, through API or Integrate with Cloudtrac

Option 1: Stand Alone

The plannr can be used independently to upload, model and execute, download the results. You can print, send by email or upload to your Field Force App.

Option 2: API

Use the built in API to integrate your Field Operation system to send the plan and get optimized results

Option 3: Integrate with Cloudtrac

Plannr comes with built in integration with Vitamap's Field Service Plantform's middleware Cloudtrac. Push the planned routes/tasks directly to mEdge the field force App and get going

Manual planning, challenges

  • Manual planners try to focus on one of the aspects (ensure highest priority is done) and loose focus on the overall goal (to ensure all time windows are met, minimum distance is traveled etc)
  • Once the number of planning constraint increases beyond 3/4 dimension its mostly impossible for manual planners to work efficiently.
  • Manual planners are good at small numbers and when number items to plan is high, it will be error prone and in efficient

Benefits of switching to Plannr

  • Save time and effort of resources and focus on value creating activities
  • Save on fuel, time, first time fix rate and consistently meet customer promises of time and experience
  • Accurate modelling to ensure business goals of optimization are planned, met and measured
  • Scales to multiple dimensions and data and adopts to business process refinements
  • Can work in real time or in bulk planning

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Secure, Easy to use, Affordable and comes with great customer service

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